A range of academic interests, personal perspectives, and life experiences adds much to the educational mix.

Given your personal background, describe an experience that illustrates what you would bring to the diversity in a college community, or an encounter that demonstrated the importance of diversity to you.

Your Harvard application will reveal to the Harvard admission committee what you can contribute to the institution. You need to give them a reason to choose you over the many other applicants. If your Harvard application is indistinguishable from the applications of others, you will have a hard time making it past the Harvard admission process. Make whatever efforts you can to seem unique. Get personal statement help if you can, for instance.

Question 4b explicitly refers to the fact that the university is looking for good diversity in its student population. It is asking how you personally would contribute to this diversity. Here is a sample answer for your reference.

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Harvard Stats

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  • Eight Harvard alumni signed the Declaration of Independence
  • The largest endowment of any university in the country (2012)
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Application Checklist

  • Personal Statement
  • 2 Admission Essays
  • Application Resume
  • Academic Transcripts
My background includes a lot of volunteer work in towns around my country which suffer from chronic poverty, and its associated disadvantages. I have experienced what it is like to travel for several hours to a remote barrio in order to discuss the problems faced by local leaders. I have also experienced going into the jail cells located in rural communities in order to interview the detainees, and find out what their health, family and other concerns are. These are just some of the many encounters I have had with poverty, arising from my volunteer work. I believe that this will contribute to the diversity and depth of discussion in the educational mix. When rural poverty is discussed, I can help take the discussion beyond theoretical concerns, and bring the discussion to the level of the concrete challenges faced by remote rural dwellers. When there is talk on the punishment of crime, the destruction of family life and the concepts of rehabilitation in penal institutions, I can also make the discussion more concrete and give examples that come from actual detainees.

This answer gives examples of the applicant’s experiences which can enrich the diversity of a college community. These experiences are very personal and concrete, and they allow the author to talk about certain topics with a greater amount of authority and credibility. So these experiences address the question of how the author can bring greater diversity to Harvard.

Keep the idea of diversity in mind when you are filling up your Harvard application. The Harvard admission process may reward a show of greater diversity on your part, so use this factor to your advantage. If you can get help with personal statement entries so that you can emphasize how you contribute to diversity, go ahead and do so. The personal statements help may make an important difference. Remember that you are competing against applicants from all around the world. They will also have something to offer regarding diversity. So do what you can to increase your diversity quotient.

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