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Using a dental school personal statement example is often the best way to understand what the selection committee will be expecting from you. Dental school personal statement examples will allow you to see exactly how others have approached writing their personal statement. Medical school personal statement samples should never, however, be copied; you should always write your own based around your own experiences and your own personal goals and ambitions. This dental personal statement sample extract will show you how one individual approached their personal statement.

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While many of my friends were off playing football or basketball I was volunteering in our local dental surgery, not because I did not like sport but because I enjoyed the atmosphere within the workplace there. The dentist, Dr.ABC, always had something pleasant to say to everyone and somehow managed to remember every one of his patients and their families even before he had looked at their notes.

I had helped out there originally as part of a work experience program but had asked to stay as I could not imagine a week without my dental fix. I am intrigued by the equipment in use and how similar some of it is what my father, an engineer, uses in his workshop, although on a lot smaller scale. More importantly, I am fascinated with how the dentist manages to get everyone at their ease, a skill which I hope to learn while studying as part of your program.

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Any dental school personal statement example should be used as guidance only and never copied, you must develop your own based on what you want to achieve and the experiences that you have.

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