Discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance to you

Remember that your Harvard application can make or break your attempt at Harvard admission. Your Harvard application has to make it clear to the reader that you would be an asset to the university. If this message does not ring loud and clear, your Harvard admission experience could come to an abrupt halt. Look for guidance. For instance, if you can get help with personal statement content, do so.

Some of the questions on the application will attempt to draw out what you consider to be important or what you are passionate about. Question number 2 is an example of this type of query. Here is a sample answer for your reference.

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Harvard Stats

  • The third-largest library system in the USA
  • Eight Harvard alumni signed the Declaration of Independence
  • The largest endowment of any university in the country (2012)
  • Alumini - the first black American to play college football
  • Eight U.S. presidents are Harvard alumni

Application Checklist

  • Personal Statement
  • 2 Admission Essays
  • Application Resume
  • Academic Transcripts
  The contribution of humankind to global warming is something that is of great concern to me. This is something that I have done much study on because this risk is not something that is merely hypothetical for where I come from. I was born in a country which is an archipelago. Many of these islands have already historically suffered from perennial flooding because of the arrival of strong typhoons. However, as global sea temperatures continue to rise, in line with the warming of the world as a whole, storms are becoming stronger. These bring larger amounts of rain and extremely high winds, causing catastrophic amounts of destruction. Additionally, as sea levels continue to rise, it is looking like some of the islands in this archipelago will no longer be habitable in the coming decades. Ocean salt water will encroach on fresh water tables, contaminating the source of drinking water and killing crops on which people rely for food and their livelihoods. Global warming is a very concrete international issue which is also of personal and local concern to me. That is why I am choosing to pursue a course in Harvard which is in line with this concern.

This answer goes into some discussion of the particular international concern, and it explains why it is important to the author. Care is taken to make it clear that this is not some vague concern or interest, but something that the writer cares about very much.

It is important that your Harvard application will contain details that are concrete and personal. You do not want to seem like a generic applicant going through the Harvard admission process. If you can get personal statement help in order to make your application stand out more, take advantage of this. You do not want to leave any stone unturned. If personal statements help can make even some small measurable difference, go ahead and find some help. Try to avoid having statements and entries which sound just like the statements and entries of every other applicant out there. Make a real effort to come across as unique.

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