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A fellowship personal statement example is a great starting place to understand the expectations that they selection committee will have on your application. A sample scholarship personal statement will let you see how others have approached writing their personal statement, what they have included and how they have formatted and written their fellowship personal statement. The fellowship personal statement sample is a way of finding guidance, your actual fellowship personal statement needs to follow the needs of the program you are applying to follow. Whether you are looking for a cardiology fellowship personal statement sample or business fellowship personal statement examples our fellowship personal statement example will give you some ideas.

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The Fellowship in manufacturing management is the route that I see will best benefit both my career and my current employer. The combination of lectures and work-based projects with like-minded individuals is to my mind the very best approach to being able to expand and improve my skills.

I have already proven myself a capable and forward thinking manager within my current employment having radically reorganized workflows and the supply chain which has resulted in significant productivity improvements and significant savings. However, I can see many other opportunities for improvement and I can see that this fellowship program is going to give me the skills, experience and the network to be able to tackle those opportunities.

I have shown through both my academic and working career the ability to take on board best practice ideas in one area and apply them into other related or even unrelated disciplines to effect improvements.

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This extract from a sample personal statement for fellowship gives you some insight as to how your statement needs to be written.

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