Helpful Personal Statement Tips

Writing a personal statement is not an easy task, nor is it a task that you can ignore even if you have the highest of grades. Your personal statement is the only chance for you to demonstrate who you are and to show how you are the very best choice. Writing an engaging statement is something that many fail to achieve and thus lose the opportunity to gain their selected place. You should know some personal statement tips!

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So how do you go about writing a good personal statement that is going to engage the reader and make them see you as the best possible choice for one of their places?


Some personal statement tips

The following tips for writing a personal statement will help you to write a better quality statement that will help you win your place. These tips on writing a personal statement will also help you to evaluate a personal statement written by someone else to see if it is going to do the job it is intended for.

Our personal statement tips:

  • Write the truth (you may be interviewed!)
  • Don’t use clichés – “I have always wanted to be a nurse as I want to help people.”
  • Don’t state the obvious – “I will learn a lot from attending your college.”
  • Do not make spelling or grammatical errors – if you are really interested you will not errors slip through
  • Show what your skills are don’t tell – Not “I am a good man manager.” Tell them how you used man management skills in a real situation
  • Reflect the values of the college – read their website and literature to learn what they are really looking for
  • Research to show how you really want to go to that college – but get your facts right, don’t mention you want to study under a specific professor if they left two years before
  • Ensure you include your future plans – how you will use what you are going to learn
  • Show a positive and mature approach

These tips for writing personal statement essays will help you to cover everything that needs to be included if you are going to make an impression. Our tips on personal statement writing will get your content right but you still need to ensure that your style of writing is such that you engage and impress the reader.

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Our best personal statement tips

The above tips on how to write a personal statement are great if you have the time and the writing skills to use them, but if you struggle with the tips for personal statement writing you will still need to turn to us for help with your personal statement.

Our best personal statement tips are to have your personal statements written or edited by our experts to ensure that you have the greatest chances of selection.

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