Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence

Your Harvard application requires you to refer to people and events which have had a great impact on you. It’s an opportunity to stand out in the Harvard admission process. If your Harvard application refers to experiences which are different from what other applicants are mentioning, this may help you to stand out. Being unique in a good way can help with Harvard admission. For instance, personal statements help to show why you are different.

Question number 3 is an example of this. Here, you are being asked to talk about the influence of a person on you. Here is a simple answer for your reference.

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Application Checklist

  • Personal Statement
  • 2 Admission Essays
  • Application Resume
  • Academic Transcripts
One person who has had a significant influence on me is Nelson Mandela. When I was younger, I read about his life, his battle against the apartheid regime, his role in working to bring about reconciliation after the regime ended, and his efforts to uplift the lives of all South Africans in the years afterward. I was particularly struck by the decisions he made when he became the nation’s leader after the apartheid government crumbled. He could have done what many other leaders have done. He could have retaliated against those who had previously persecuted him. He could have sought to have former oppressors put behind bars or worse. However, he chose to support a different path. Instead of going down a road which could have led to further fragmentation of South African society and further violence and destruction, he supported efforts to bring about reconciliation. Learning more about this man and his life impressed me greatly. His ability to put the fate and well-being of his countrymen and women above his own need for personal justice was inspiring. He is a model of selflessness and self-sacrifice, and of putting others before self. I do what I can to always keep this and other lessons from his life in mind, as I go about mine.

This sample answer discusses the particular person chosen, explains why this person was chosen for the answer, and then connects this to the author’s life.

When you fill out your Harvard application, you want to make it clear to the Harvard admission committee that you are familiar with and well-read on issues and people of international significance. Look for personal statement help if you can. Find ways to show that you are not a lightweight. Advise the person providing help with personal statement entries that you want to do what you can to stand out. To do this, you might refer to issues or people who are not usually mentioned by others. You might want to mention your experiences that few other people have also experienced.

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