Law School Personal Statement Sample

Our sample personal statement for law school will provide you with a few ideas of what you need to do with your statement. While a law school personal statement example will never reflect your personal experiences and goals it will provide you with a few pointers about how you can present your own personal statement. Unlike this personal statement law school example your personal statement has to be very specific to the course and school that you are applying to. The law school personal statement sample that follows is to give you some simple ideas as to how you could structure and write your personal statement.

Our sample personal statement for law school

I did not always want to follow a career in law; in fact I was always passionate about my science subjects and was pretty confident that this was where my future lay. However it was during a debate regarding climate change that I realized that what I really loved was not the science but being able to prove something and persuade others to my viewpoint.

During the debate I had a viewpoint that was generally opposed by most of the audience who had pretty much preconceived ideas but through the facts and the proofs that I presented during the debate I managed to swing many of their opinions over to my viewpoint, something that I found exhilarating. However I still lost the debate, even though I had put forward by far the strongest argument many of the audience still voted according to their initial opinions without considering the evidence and arguments that they had heard, something that I personally found disturbing and wanted to investigate further.

Our writer comments law school personal statement sample

This brief extract of a personal statement law school sample shows how the writer became interested in law as a career to follow and even looks at aspects of law that many people would fail to consider with regards to influencing the jury and how difficult this could be. This example of law school personal statement however is very personal to the individual who wrote it as should yours be.

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