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Looking at successful MBA personal statement samples is a great way to understand what the selection committees are looking for. An MBA personal statement sample will show you the types of statements that should be included and how they should be presented if you want to win a place on your desired course. However you should take care when looking at MBA personal statement examples to ensure that you realize that they are personal to the writer; you cannot copy a sample MBA personal statement, you have to write a very personal statement that reflects you. The extract from an MBA personal statement example that follows will give you some idea of how you need to write for your admissions package.

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Our MBA Personal Statement Sample

By completing my studies for an MBA degree, I believe that I will not just have a better chance in the future, but also be able to become a better citizen of the society. This belief is what I have always had in mind even before I decided to apply for a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

I am a very industrious student who believes that the more effort you put into studying, the more you also get out of it. I believe that by studying, knowledge is increased, alongside confidence. In turn, this can also lead to an increase in curiosity, and onward to future study. Ever since the moment that I decided to complete an MBA to improve my career, I have also spent a good amount of time in researching all potential options that are being offered to me.

I have also chosen your University after doing all my research regarding the different options available. I have compared your university from other alternatives, but I have seen the good reputation of your institution when it comes to teaching, researching, as well as in working with your business partnerships.

These partnerships allow students to be able to work in researching real-life situations, and applying theories in order to resolve these problems. I also believe that it is highly important to attain an MBA degree coming from a well-known university, which is why I chose your institution as my platform for learning.

In order to succeed in life, it is very important to stay focused on the things that are more important. I am determined to use my skills to the best of my ability to learn even further. I am looking forward to grabbing all opportunities that you can offer me while studying this course.

Our Writer Comments on MBA Personal Statement Example

This is just an extract from an MBA personal statement example which will give you some idea of how you need to show the skills you have and the achievements that you have made. It goes beyond just stating your past experiences, skills, and achievements when writing a personal statement for MBA. You also need to understand how to present your experiences and achievement to make an exciting impression with the committee. That’s why total reliance on our expertise beside our MBA personal statement samples to guarantee a smoother sale through with MBA personal statement writing and admission.

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