Medical School Personal Statement Sample

Using a medical school personal statement sample to form ideas for your own is a great idea. A med school personal statement sample will provide you with many ways that you could format and write your own medical school personal statement but you have to keep in your mind that every sample med school personal statement that you look at is going to be very different. Every sample AMCAS personal statement is going to describe a different reason for wanting to go to med school and each is going to demonstrate different strengths and ambitions. The following extract from a sample personal statement medical school will give you some ideas as to how your statement should be written.

Our medical school personal statement sample

When I was 14 my brother broke his leg in several places after leaving it between his motorbike and a car that decided foolishly to stop at a red light which my brother had failed to spot. The end result was that my brother after having his horrendously expensive boots and leather trousers cut from him had his leg encased in an amazing looking cage that was holding all of his bones in the right position along with a metal plate within the leg itself. I didn’t realize it at the time but I was asking more questions of the doctors and the nurses than either my brother or my ultra concerned mother.

I spent the next several days researching what they had done to my brother before finally pausing to wonder why it was that I was so interested. It was pretty clear to me that I was interested in medicine so I volunteered to help out at a small clinic near to our home to find out more.

Our writer comments medical school personal statement sample

This personal statement medical school sample provides the reader with a clear reason why the writer became interested in medicine as well as showing how they have taken steps to confirm their interest.

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