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A personal history statement example is an excellent source of information and inspiration for writing your own personal history statement. By using a personal history statement sample you will get to see exactly how they should be laid out, what should be included and the style of writing that others have applied. The sample personal history statement, however, will reflect someone else’s personal history not your own so should never be copied in any way not even superficially. Personal history statement examples are for guidance and inspiration only and should in no way should they ever be used for anything else.

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Our Personal History Statement Example

I was really fascinated with history because I believe that it has a lot to say about humanity. Aside from that, it also tells a story about how certain decisions were made, and how such decisions resulted later on. It also includes the mistakes that made it reflect the reality of being a human. I strongly believe that history is not just a subject where we can learn facts because it also provides a good opportunity to learn about the past, thus improving the way we interact with each other today. It can also work in shaping both our personal and cultural identities while determining the overall development of society.

One particular aspect that really interests me is the history of the Early British era. I am now completing a qualification covering the impact of the conversion of Anglo-Saxons to being Christians, as well as the evolution of their different burial practices. The lessons and facts learned have also taught me the essence of effective research on history with the use of various sources and evaluating reliability carefully.

I have a wide range of academic interests and have realized that my choice for A level options was somewhat difficult. I specially chose Physics since I thought that it would provide me with the opportunity to practice various skills such as problem-solving and scientific analysis. I have decided to further my English literature study because I have always loved reading various kinds of literature.

I am deeply amazed by the way humans have created a long-lasting impact, not just on their cultural and physical environments, but also for the future generations to come. History at undergraduate level provides a better understanding of what can help in shaping various aspects of the society. I would also like to contribute whatever I learn towards research in that field.

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