Personal Mission Statement Example

Writing a good personal mission statement is not as simple as it seems, if you look for a personal mission statement example on line you will see many. But many are just a list of “I will be..” statements that fail to provide any real meaningful “mission” that you could be measured against. A good sample personal mission statement will provide the reader with specifically what you want to achieve and the time frame you wish to achieve it within. So if you look for an example of personal mission statement writing online try to find one that you could actually use to measure the persons ability to meet their mission. To give you a better understanding of how you should write your personal mission statement we provide you below with an example of a personal mission statement which you can use as a basis for your own.

Our personal mission statement example

Through the knowledge and skills that I will gain by studying and passing my MBA I will make significant advances within my current employment. I enjoy working for my current employer and plan to move from my current management position to that of plant manager within the next five years through my continual ability to drive myself and my peers forward to exceed all targets expected of us.

I will use my abilities to build and manage effective motivated teams to succeed within each position I hold on my journey towards plant manager. My ultimate goal within my current employment is to reach the position of regional director of operations within the next eight to ten years where I hope to be able to provide direction to make significant changes to improve company performance.

Our writer comments personal mission statement sample

This example of personal mission statement extract informs the reader as to what the writer wishes to achieve and the timescale that it will be achieved within. It does not go into the detailed plans of how the mission will be accomplished.

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