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A personal statement for scholarship sample will provide you with guidance and help with writing your own personal statement. By reading a sample fulbright personal statement you will see how others have applied to this specific scheme and it will allow you to understand the standard that they are looking for as well as the type of content. Do not copy a fulbright personal statement sample or any other sample personal statement for scholarship as this is plagiarism and will not help you gain your award. The following extract of a fulbright personal statement example will give you some ideas as to what is expected for specific programs.

Our personal statement for scholarship sample

My family came here from the Philippines many years ago, and while not having led a wealthy lifestyle we get by well enough. It was not until two years ago that I had the opportunity to visit the islands from which my parents originated and I could not believe the extent and the depth of the poverty. I had never truly imagined the lack of everyday facilities that we take so for granted even from the stories that my parents had told me.

I watched and talked with those that grew the rice near to my parent’s old homes, they told me how this year they were going to have a bumper crop due to the abundant rains. They also told me that when the rains failed to come they starved, while some of those areas in the lower lands had access to water once the rains stopped and the small mountain streams went dry there was no irrigation for their crops.

I also visited neighboring areas where grant monies had been spent to develop irrigation systems, grant monies that had been awarded but embezzled within the area close to my parent’s lands by corrupt officials. This is why I want to pursue my degree in …

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