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The writing of a personal statement is never easy but the use of a PhD personal statement sample can help you to understand exactly what you need to produce. A sample PhD personal statement will demonstrate to you the format and the structure of your personal statement as well as what you need to cover within it. PhD personal statement examples do however show other people’s experiences and their ambitions not yours, so you should never try to copy them in any way. A sample personal statement for PhD program extract will allow you to understand the requirements being placed upon you.

Our PhD personal statement sample

With several years of industry experience and a successful MBA under my belt I still find myself intrigued by the theories behind modern management. I constantly find myself trying to find bigger and better ways of doing things and then seeking to understand why they worked or why they failed.

Within the company that I work there are many different divisions and many different industries covered. This is an ideal environment in which to investigate and measure the effectiveness of a host of different approaches to management within many different environments. I hope to gain a better understanding of what really works and why it works so as to be able to discover if best practice can be transferred.

My company can see the benefits and potential of my research and are happy to fully support what I will do with full access to all plants and members of management. This will allow me the luxury of a large and diverse range of styles of management to study and measure.

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This extract of a doctoral personal statement sample can be used to observe how others have approached writing their personal statement; you need to reflect your personal experiences and your specific research goals.

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