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After spending thousands and thousands on a child’s college education, imagine the shock of a parent when their offspring asks for money saying I need help with writing a personal statement!

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So why should a supposedly educated young man or woman think they need help. Why can’t they simply write their own?


The Importance of Help on Writing a Personal Statement

There is no shame in seeking help. Personal statement writing for admission into a university graduate or professional program is an area where an investment of a few dollars can pay off in a big way. Today admissions counselors at colleges and universities all over the world and in programs in all academic fields use personal statements as one of the criteria in the acceptance/rejection decision making process.

Although you can get help with personal statement from Internet websites that tell you what counselors like to see in the statement, a bullet list of topics offers no specific help writing personal statement as a unique process where you need not only to list your accomplishments and goals, but also to write your tale in a way that separates you from the average applicant. You need a statement that makes you look above the crowd.

Professional Help on Personal Statement Writing

Considering the importance of being accepted into a quality university or professional program, do you really want to save a few dollars and rely on your own creative writing skills? Even if you consider yourself an above average writer, professional help from a service to review and revise your masterpiece is an investment you cannot afford to ignore.

There are many professional services in the market offering help with personal statement creation and some are better than others. We take pride in our position as one of the best providers of professional writing services.

Our service is grounded in our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. Our experienced writers know nervous applicants often like to be stay informed and involved so we offer two-way communication between writer and applicant via email, chat, or phone at any time during the writing process. We will keep revising until you are completely satisfied with your statement.

For those who want to begin the process on their own, our editing service will improve your initial draft and provide you with a detailed report specifying each change or addition we made and why we feel the changes and additions improve your statement and increase your chances of being accepted to the university program or professional school of your choice.

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