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Regardless of whether you are applying to an undergraduate college, a graduate school university, or a professional school like a school of medicine or law school,  for each school on your list you will have to write a personal statement.  Help in completing this critical task is a must for all applicants, even those who consider themselves good writers.  There are sources on the Internet that offer professional personal statement help for those who want to do it themselves, and sources for writing services that offer professional personal statement help.  Homepage of both kinds of sources is, of course, the place to start.

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Help for Do it Yourself Personal Statement Writing

The Do it Yourself websites typically provide a bullet list of things you need to stress in your personal application statement.  They will tell you that not only do you need to talk about things like personal accomplishments, work experiences, influential events in your life, and what led you to the field of study in which you are interested, but that you also need to present each of these in a way that is unique and distinguishes you from the average applicant.  That is how you impress an admissions counselor.


Check the homepage of these kinds of sites again and you will not find any personal writing statement help on exactly how you accomplish this, especially for those applicants you lack writing skills.

What’s more, the kind of help that lists the topics and events to include are only good for those programs that ask for general statements.  As you may know, some programs ask you to write a personal statement that is a response to questions they ask or topics they present.

Even for those with good writing skills who would be comfortable with writing either type of personal statement help in the form of objective professional editing is a good idea, considering the importance of the essay itself.  It is more than an assignment.  It is a tool admissions counselors use to make their acceptance decisions.  For those who lack writing skills, professional help writing a personal statement is an investment well worth the cost.

Getting Professional Personal Statement Writing Help

For a very low cost, a writing service like ours will not only read and edit your first draft of your statement; we also provide a full report explaining our suggested changes.  For those needing more help, we can assign a dedicated writer to create the statement for you, using the information you provide.  Our staff of trained writers is experienced and knows how to ask the right questions to get additional information they might need to create a truly distinctive statement.  You can communicate with your writer via email, chat, or phone and we have no limit on revisions.  We don’t stop writing until you are 100% satisfied.

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