Sample Personal Statement for Graduate School

Reviewing a sample personal statement for graduate school is a great way to gain some ideas as to how your personal statement should be written. A graduate school personal statement sample will allow you to see how others structure and what they put within their personal statements. Of course a grad school personal statement sample may not reflect your specific course and it certainly will not reflect you, but it will provide you with some good guidance.

A sample personal statement for graduate school

My interest in the field of linguistics was shaped gradually all throughout my entire life with all of the different ways that I have personally been exposed to languages. I was a translator, learner and at the same time, a teacher. It was those years that I have spent residing in Russia and later on in the United Kingdom that encouraged me to consider that language can actually be a good means of conveying not just thoughts.

As a matter of fact, it also brings all information regarding our education, background, prejudices and beliefs, generally reflecting the way in which we also tend to categorize the world surrounding us. When I stepped up by living in a different country and being totally exposed in its language has soon forced me to completely change the way I think when it comes to expressing myself in a very effective way, bringing me to the realization as to how culture and language have been so tied closely together.

This basic experience proved to be a very important factor in my selecting linguistics for a graduate degree. Naturally, it has influenced my views regarding the process involved in acquiring a second language, and directly linked to Russian studies I have studied before. So as to possibly combine my abilities and talents together with the passion that I really want to get involved in, I have decided to devote my time in this field.

Given my track record for studies, including other achievements and awards, I know that I would be very capable of making a good addition to your programme. I believe that I would be able to take advantage of the opportunities being offered to me by your University. At the same time, I get the chance to get involved with something that I really love.

Our writer comments graduate school personal statement sample

This personal statement graduate school sample clearly states and demonstrates the authors passion for their subject and gives an insight as to what areas they want to study, why they want to study them and why they have chosen that specific college.

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