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A sample residency personal statement can help you to develop your own successful personal statement. Residency personal statement examples will provide you with inspiration and ideas for how you can approach your own as well as showing you how to format and write your personal statement. Personal statement residency examples should be treated with care however and should certainly never be copied; they are specific to the writer and will not reflect your own experiences and dreams. What follows is an extract from a sample personal statement for residency to give you some guidance for writing your own.

Our sample residency personal statement

It was during our rotations that I realized that I wanted to work with the older patients within our system. Many of the other students were looking for more “glamorous” medical experiences and I could see that these patients were often being ignored despite the highly important contribution that they have all made to our society.

I spent a huge amount of time on the wards talking with these patients discussing their lives and their future dreams; I was surprised with how much more life many of these often still very active people were looking for. They wanted to spend time with grandchildren and great grandchildren and visit exotic countries, things that would only be possible if we could help them overcome the setbacks they had encountered with their health.

I quickly came to see that geriatric medicine was not just a matter of keeping them running like an old car on its way to the rust heap but in actually restoring them to full working condition with many years and many miles left to run.

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Any residency personal statement sample should not be copied; you have to develop a statement that reflects your own personal dreams for the future and your own skills and experiences.

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