Sport is pure competition. What does it teach us about companies, individuals, and markets?

You should treat each question in your Oxford application seriously. These are included by the Oxford admission¬†committee for a reason. Each is an opportunity to impress the Oxford admission committee. However, if yours is sloppy, you won’t be doing your Oxford application any favors. Look for feedback from others. If someone wants to offer personal statement help, take him up on this offer. This help with personal statement answers could give you good ideas.

Some questions ask you to analyze a particular idea, at various levels. Question 7 is an example of this. Here is a sample answer for your reference.

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  There is no denying the fact that sport is pure competition. Different teams go head to head over the course of a season in order to come out on top. To the winners go the spoils, while those who didn’t win are forced to regroup and come up with improved strategies for the next season. This arena offers much food for thought when it comes to thinking about companies, individuals, and markets. Many of these lessons are fairly straightforward. Companies are like teams and individuals are like players. In order for them to succeed, they need to have a diverse range of members, each of whom has relevant skills at a high level. Companies need a wide range of abilities, which are brought to the table by their employees. Continuous training is key to make sure that these employees or players are able to continue improving, instead of being left behind by the competition. However, having a strong team of employees with a wide range of skills is insufficient if the leadership is lacking. You will need leaders on the field, at various levels, as well as managers who know how to inspire, teach, communicate, foster loyalty, and develop the strategies needed to overpower the competition. Markets are like the various leagues and seasons. Each league is different. The intensity of competition may be different, the teams involved may have varying levels of ability, and so on. Some leagues or markets may even have slightly different rules, requiring adjustments to the strategies used. Therefore, the companies who wish to dominate or improve their positioning in these markets will need to take all these into account, when mapping out their strategies and plans of action.

Just like the sport, the Oxford admission process is pure competition. Your Oxford application is your entry into this competition, and you will be judged based on it. If your Oxford application is good enough to get your past the barrier to entry, then there’s a good chance that you will find success in the Oxford admission¬†process. So look for coaches and mentors whenever possible. If you can get personal statements help, this could increase your chances of having an application that gets noticed or that stands out. Having a mentor available to help with all your answers can allow you to come up with a generally superior document.

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