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Writing your UC personal statement can be made easier by looking at a UC personal statement example. While someone else’s UC personal statement sample essay will be very different from what you eventually write looking at a UC personal statement sample will give you many ideas as to what you should write and how. Just always remember that any UC personal statement example is written around someone else’s experiences and you have to make yours reflect your own. The following sample UC personal statement extract will provide you with some ideas as to what you should cover within your essay. When you write yours ensure that you cover both prompts fully.

Our UC personal statement example

I believe that there is always a good answer to every available question. All we need to do is to find a very creative way in order to reach them well. It was summer of last year when we experienced a death in our family. Since then, more problems arouse. I needed to go back home to Afghanistan in order to potentially resolve certain problems from increasing. I was there for most of my entire year in the academe, and so when I finally returned I only had three weeks spent in preparation for my A2 examinations.

When I was asked why I love Math, I readily say that I am one who is very definitive, structured and poised. Since I am that type of person, I often love the challenge being offered Math’s unequivocal answers. I often allow my curiosity and creativity to allow me to explore and discover a wide range of methods so as to potentially accept new ideas, further fueling my motivation to attain structured solutions.

Chemistry and Physics at A-Levels have enabled me to see clearly how science may be used in our society in order to assist people in the fields of technology and medicine. Both of these subjects have offered me with the necessary analytical and problem solving skills. Eventually, I become fonder of Computing. I have always found myself curious with computers even at a very young age.

I know that by having a degree in the field of Computer Science, I will be able to enjoy a lot of transferable skills that will certainly allow me to land a career in the field of investment banking, or even postgraduate study further. I believe that UC will serve as my platform where I can meet new friends, meet new prospects while advancing my passion and desire for learning.

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Like this sample UC personal statement you have to ensure that you follow the prompts provided you if you want to be considered for a place.

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