What Should Oxford Expect from You?

If you’re making your way through the Oxford admission process, keep in mind that your Oxford application is key. Your Oxford application needs to do a good job of quickly communicating your key strengths to the Oxford admission committee. Otherwise, you might not make it. So look for every possible advantage. For instance, if you can get personal statement help, you should do so. That help with personal statement ideas could make a difference.

Some of the questions in the application will be more general. These will give you the opportunity to highlight your strengths. Question 5 is an example of this. Here is a simple answer for reference purposes.

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Oxford Stats

  • Males 44%, Females 56%
  • Class Size (Fall 2013)* 21
  • The word 'snob' originates in Oxford
  • 20.5% acceptance rate (2012)
  • Motto: 'The Lord is my Light'

Application Checklist

  • Personal Statement
  • 2 Admission Essays
  • Application Resume
  • Academic Transcripts
  Oxford should expect me to deliver a high level of academic rigor, a good work ethic and a wide range of concrete experiences in the field, to ground my theoretical knowledge in the real world. A high caliber of academic work is something that I have delivered at every scholastic level prior to this application. This is not just something that teachers and professors have come to expect from me, but also something that I demand of myself. This is because I have been striving to maximize the amount of learning I can do, given the opportunities made available to me. A good work ethic is also something that I bring to the table. The truth is that a willingness and ability to put in the hard work necessary is a precondition for the thorough learning of any subject. There is no shortcut if you really want to sink your teeth into a particular subject. So hard work is something that I also push myself to deliver, all the time. Finally, it is also clear that theoretical knowledge can only take you so far, and if a theory is not grounded in the messiness and complexities of reality, then its value becomes diluted. That’s why I have also attempted to tie what I learn in the classroom to what is actually going on in rural communities and neighborhoods affected by poverty. Only by staying in touch with the harsh realities on the ground can a student properly direct the course of his studies and thinking. Academic rigor, hard work, and concrete experiences are what I can bring to the Oxford academic environment.

This answer takes a relatively general question and answers it in a way that is designed to highlight some of the applicant’s key strengths.

If you are serious about doing well in the Oxford admission process, you need to check and recheck your Oxford application. Keep in mind that an Oxford application is something that a large number of international students work on. They too would like to make it through the Oxford admission process. So the competition is very stiff. If personal statements help or some other form of guidance is available to you, be sure to take it. Take every opportunity to upgrade and improve your application because once the application has been submitted, there’s no way to get it back to fix a mistake that you missed.

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