What value will you add to London Business School?

An LBS application should show that the institution would benefit from the applicant’s admission. This can be done through the MBA personal statement, or in some other section of the LBS application. What matters is that the reader becomes convinced that the applicant has something to offer. For example, an MBA personal statement needs to show the applicant’s strengths and the relevance of his ambitions. Some personal statement help could be useful in this regard.

Some questions will ask for this information directly. The burden is on the applicant to convincingly show how he can add value to the institution, in a way that is also different from how the other applicants plan to do so, if possible. Here is a sample answer for your reference.

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University of London Stats

  • 17,000 students
  • Top 100 lowest acceptance rate
  • Top 5% of world universities (2012)
  • 130,000+ former students are members of the City Alumni Network
  • The Lord Mayor of London is the Chancellor since 1966

Application Checklist

  • Personal Statement
  • 2 Admission Essays
  • Application Resume
  • Academic Transcripts
  The value that I will add to London Business School stems from the diversity of my experiences. I hail from a country which is on the receiving end of the benefits of global outsourcing and the ability of companies to move the provision of services to remote locations around the world. I have experienced this as an employee in my younger years, and then later I was able to play a role in this global supply chain of services as a supervisor and manager. This is the way of the future, boosted by the relatively easy availability of the internet and the growing bandwidths available even in rural locations in developing countries. There is no stopping this process at the moment because the numbers and beneficial effects to a company’s bottom line remain in full support of this transference. So even as the discussion on the benefits, disadvantages and ramifications of global outsourcing take place, I can contribute concretely to the discussion as someone who has been on the receiving end of the process, at various staff and supervisory levels. I can also talk about the very real effects of this process, not just on the employees who are directly affected by it, but also on their families, communities and provinces, as well as the other establishments and communities which physically surround the company facilities. Much of the discussion taking place revolves around the theory and numbers, as well as the geopolitical consequences of the flight of companies to more financially welcoming shores. There is a continuing need to also keep in mind the very real opportunities that this trend is bringing to relatively remote areas.

Your LBS applicationĀ and MBA personal statement need to always highlight your potential value to the institution. You need to show that you bring something to the table. So keep this in mind as you fill in the entries in your LBS application, and as you decide how to word your MBA personal statement. This frame of mind will help with personal statement wording and guide you as you consider what to discuss in the relatively limited space and length available to you. Personal statements help to set applicants apart. Make sure that your statements and sentences are able to do this consistently.

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