What will your future look like after completing your MBA?

If you’re working on an LBS application, pay special attention to the MBA personal statement. This is one area where you can set your LBS application apart from those of other applicants. Your MBA personal statement can give the institution a reason to choose you over others. If you can find people willing to offer personal statement help, take advantage of this. Help with personal statement entries can be crucial.

Some questions will ask you to speculate on how an MBA could help your career. When answering this type of question, be sure to give the institution a reason to want to support your efforts. Here is a simple answer for your reference.

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University of London Stats

  • 17,000 students
  • Top 100 lowest acceptance rate
  • Top 5% of world universities (2012)
  • 130,000+ former students are members of the City Alumni Network
  • The Lord Mayor of London is the Chancellor since 1966

Application Checklist

  • Personal Statement
  • 2 Admission Essays
  • Application Resume
  • Academic Transcripts
  After completing my MBA, I look forward to a future where I will have the opportunity to play a larger role in my organization. At present, I am in charge of some of the operations and logistics carried out by my company. It’s my responsibility to ensure that key items, vehicles, and other supplies are located where they need to be, when they need to be there. With the MBA, I look forward to even more responsibility so that I end up overseeing even more of the logistical side of the organization’s work. Instead of merely focusing on the local deployment of resources and equipment, I see myself taking on a role at the regional level and later at the global level. My organization spans the world and has operations in a large number of countries and jurisdictions. The task of ensuring that everything moves smoothly, on time and properly is a monumental one, but one that I believe I will be up to, once I possess the additional knowledge and perspective that an MBA from LBS can provide. As I strive to make operations more efficient, this will not merely benefit my organization. It will also benefit the many locations and communities where my organization operates. The work we do results in an increased quality of life for the communities surrounding our facilities. I aim to increase this knock on positive effect through improved planning and expanded operations. These will also benefit the consumers who directly purchase our products and make use of our services, by decreasing the relevant wait times, repair times and thereby increasing their satisfaction and improving their experiences with the organization.

An LBS application must always contain entries aimed at setting the applicant apart from his or her many competitors. The MBA personal statement needs to push this message and make it readily apparent. If an LBS application can capture the reader’s attention, or if an MBA personal statement can convince its reader, then the applicant will have a better chance at making it through. If a particular application needs personal statements help, then he or she should get it. An applicant should not be afraid to look for help. The objective is to have the best possible application, and it does not matter whether this was accomplished on his own or with the assistance of others.

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