Writing Diversity Visition Statement in 5 Steps

A Step By Step Approach to Writing a Diversity Statement

When writing a diversity statement, the worst decision you could ever make is to go with it like a free flowing statement rather than taking it step by step. Making sure that your statement reads well and appeals to your intended audience is one thing and making sure that it is as well thought out as possible is also another thing that you need to consider. In any written statement as with a UCSD diversity statement, it is important to get the steps right so that the end result would be a cohesive and well-written piece.

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The 5 Steps in Writing a Diversity Statement or a Vision Statement

To write a good diversity vision statement, you need to follow these rules to the letter.

  • Do a brainstorming of what your vision statement should be
  • Reduce your ideas for the vision statement to no more than 6 core values
  • Write an initial draft of a diversity statement
  • Do a final revision of the draft, including spelling and grammar errors
  • Publish your final copy of your very own diversity statement

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