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Getting selected for a place at nursing school is very difficult, most schools have much more applicants than they do places and this means that your odds of being chosen are very low unless you can make your application stand out in some way. Your opportunity to differentiate yourself lies with your personal statement for nursing; this simple document is your first and only chance to sell yourself to those making the decisions.

Purpose of Writing Nursing School Personal Statement

This is the personal statement that can portray the ambitions, passion and aims of an applicant towards becoming a professional nurse. So, purpose of writing a personal statement for nursing is nothing but to highlight an applicant among thousands of applicants and convince the selection committee that they are reviewing the application of right candidate.

Difficulties While Writing Nursing School Personal Statement

Writing a winning personal statement for nursing is definitely an art that needs lots of experience, skills and convincing power. If you are thinking are to write a personal statement on your own, be ready to face the following difficulties:

  • Making an outline
  • Structure of personal statement i.e., intro, body and conclusion
  • Formatting of content
  • Reason of choosing nursing career
  • Aim after completion of nursing study
  • Concluding the personal statement with convincing note
  • Confining all the details in one page

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How to Make Your Personal Statement for Nursing Stand Out

Writing a personal statement for nursing is never easy and your personal statement nursing really has to be perfectly written if you want to gain acceptance to your chosen nursing school. A perfectly written nursing personal statement has to be able to:

  • Hook in the reader
  • Engage them until the end
  • Show your dedication to nursing
  • Show your ability to successfully pass their course

If your personal statement has to answer a specific question or prompt you must also ensure that you fully answer that prompt. Of course ,writing a nursing personal statement that can do all of this is far from easy and is why many potential nurses will seek nursing personal statement help.

What Your Nursing Personal Statement Should Say about You

A good personal statement nursing should clearly portray you in front of admission committee. Let’s have a look, what your nursing personal statement should say about you?

  • At first, the personal statement should describe your ambitions towards choosing the nursing profession.
  • In the next part of statement your educational and professional achievements should be described in very comprehensive manner.
  • A winning personal statement always highlights such an event from your past that has motivated you to become a nurse.
  • In the last part of personal statement, your future aims must be revealed to convince the readers that you are the perfect candidate for this profession.

What Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Nursing Personal Statement

You must avoid following mentioned mistakes while writing the nursing personal statement:

  • Lengthy descriptions of educational background
  • Details about your personal and family background
  • No clear division of content into intro, body and conclusion
  • Formatting mistakes
  • Spelling and grammatical mistakes
  • Exaggeration about your specialties
  • Wrong information
  • Avoid plagiarism
  • No clear closing of content

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