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Purpose of Writing Scholarship Personal Statement

It’s very important for you to understand the purpose of your personal statement for scholarship before you start writing it. The main purpose to write it is to convince the authorities that you are the most deserving candidate for the scholarship. If it’s a merit scholarship, you have to tell them about your academic achievements and if it has some other criteria you have to write according to that. You have to write it according to the nature of the scholarship. Provide those details, in which the granting committee will be interested.

Your Scholarship Personal Statement Should Answer the Following

  • Why you are interested in this scholarship particularly? If it’s about a special research scholarship, how it is related to you? What is your background which relates you to this scholarship?
  • Why you have selected this scholarship when so many others are also available?
  • What are your qualities, which make you a perfect fit for this scholarship? Mention your workshops and presentations, which make you a suitable choice.
  • What skills you have, which are necessary for the candidate of this scholarship? Mention your research skills and lab techniques, which you have acquired previously.
  • How this scholarship can help you to pursue your future goals? How it can help you to achieve your career?

A personal statement for scholarship sample will provide you with guidance and help with writing your own personal statement. By reading a sample fulbright personal statement you will see how others have applied to this specific scheme and it will allow you to understand the standard that they are looking for as well as the type of content. Do not copy a fulbright personal statement sample or any other sample personal statement for scholarship as this is plagiarism and will not help you gain your award. The following extract of a fulbright personal statement example will give you some ideas as to what is expected for specific programs.

Our Personal Statement for Scholarship Sample

Two of my passions in life drove me to AA College. While some of my classmates in high school were searching for a school near home, others decided to experience freedom by being far away. While others choose programs such as law enforcement or pharmacy, or followed what their friends chose, I chose AA College because this is the only school where a student is given the opportunity to fly airplanes and play in a band, the two very different, yet overwhelming passions in my life.

Since I was six years old, I was already playing trumpet. It was my uncle who influenced me with it. He had an old horn at home, and he let me play with it as a child. I still have that and eventually I learned to play it really well. The jazz programs at AA College, as well as the other classes are academically strong, allowing students to work together with other musicians. I am planning to pursue this passion as a minor, and afterwards make it a life-long hobby.

I firmly believe that I would be worthy of a scholarship in your institution. I did really well in high school. After a year in AA College, I have already completed a total of 29 credits with a GPA of 3.47. I am also a part of the flying club, while performing together with the AA jazz ensemble. With the assistance of one of my professors in music, I have also collaborated with a group of other student musicians, visiting nursing homes to perform their old favorites and jazz numbers.

I am a student who feels nothing but appreciation to be with AA and will ever continue to contribute my skills and knowledge in this regard. I hope to be able to continue with my education and become a better individual in the future through your scholarship grant.

Scholarship Personal Statement Template


You have to make a strong start. Introduce yourself and say why you are applying for this scholarship. Instead of wasting so many words, it’s better to keep yourself focused. You have to write this according to the nature of scholarship.

The body

This is the major portion of your personal statement. You have to mention your qualities and abilities, which make you an ideal candidate for this scholarship. Why they should award you this scholarship and how you are different from the others? How this scholarship can help you to achieve your future goals and how it can help you to build your career? What you have acquired previously, which connects you with this scholarship? Answer all these questions in this paragraph. You can write all this in a one big paragraph and split it into 2 or 3 smaller ones.


In the end, make some powerful, convincing statements, which leave a mark on the mind of the reader. You can prove yourself worthy of this scholarship, with last few sentences.


Is It Hard to Write Scholarship Personal Statement on Your Own?

Yes, it’s not an easy task to write personal statement, when it’s about your scholarship. Number of applicants is very large, and the number of scholarships is limited.  So, the competition is very tough. A well written personal statement can be a big plus. But usually students have no idea about the content, they really don’t know that, which details they should add and what are the points they should avoid mentioning. Moreover, formatting, editing and proofreading are some other difficulties which students face and it’s better to hire a professional in this situation.

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writing a fulbright personal statement sample

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