Pharmacy School Personal Statement Sample

Pharmacy School Application

If you want to take admission in school of pharmacy, then you should meet some of the requirements. The application must include your academic record but that’s not all. You have to give your character letter and your personal statement as well. Different institutes have different requirements.

Also, you have to answer some questions before you write your personal statement for pharmacist. These questions will help you out about your decisions and personal choices. Some of the questions are:

  • Why do you want to select pharmacy?
  • Why do you want to become a pharmacist and not to be a medical doctor?
  • What inspires you to select this field?
  • What experiences have prepared you for the career focused on helping others?
  • What experiences have you had that will allow you to put your patients first?
  • Who is your role model as a pharmacist and what qualities of him do you admire?
  • Who is your role model in general, and why do you look up to that person?
  • Which people you admire, and what qualities do they share with you?
  • Why do you stand out as a candidate?

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Why Is It Important to Have a Professionally Written Pharmacy School Personal Statement?

Pharmacy school personal statement plays a vital role to make your impact right from the start. It is like your first impression, although your grades and personal achievements are taken into consideration. So it is important that it should be written by the professionals. They know how to write personal statement effective that will assure your placement.

Is It Hard to Write Pharmacy School Personal Statement on Your Own?

Yes! It is difficult to write pharmacy personal statement on your own. Because most of the people don’t write such documents often. But if you really want to write it at home you can check our website for help. You can find pharmacy school personal statement samples on our website, you will find that helpful.

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Effective Tips and Winning Pharmacy School Personal Statement Examples

Here are five the most effective tips to write pharmacy personal statement:

  • Attention-grabbing opening: Your opening sentence should be attention-grabbing. It should be strong enough to compel the reader to read the whole statement.
  • Be brief and consistent: Keep it as brief as it could be. Just write one to two paragraphs consists of three to four lines only. Be consistent throughout.
  • Keep it relevant: Only write the relevant things. Don’t write things that are not irrelevant things.
  • Avoid the clichés: Always give personal examples instead of making unsubstantiated claims.
  • Sell yourself: Write about your skills, qualities, and potential that makes you best candidates.

The use of a pharmacy school personal statement sample is a common way to gain inspiration and help with creating your own personal statement for pharmacy school. A pharmacy personal statement sample will show you how to lay out your statement, what sorts of things you should cover and how you should write. Each pharmacy school personal statement example, however, should be treated only as an example; your personal statement needs to talk about your skills and experiences specifically. This extract of a sample pharmacy personal statement is to provide you with some ideas as to what to include and how to format your own medical personal statement.

Our Pharmacy School Personal Statement Sample

My enthusiasm for the sciences, most particularly Chemistry, has encouraged me to consider about the career that I will take in the future. I thought that I will possibly have a degree that is related to such field. I have always loved Maths and Science all throughout my time in school, and have figured out eventually that I can combine it together with Chemistry and have a career in Pharmacy.

I believe that Pharmacy is a very fast developing field, and I also feel that pharmacists are involved heavily with the introduction of specific medicines for different types of diseases. I felt that the prospect of being able to work in this field is highly possible. Aside from focusing on studies, I also enjoyed the opportunity of being able to study a subject that is language-based, that is, French.

That allowed me to study a different culture, and at the same time working on cultivating my communication skills and confidence. With Chemistry, I especially loved learning regarding molecule composition, various functional groups, as well as instrumental analysis. I just love seeing actual “chemistry” in action.

Recently, I have benefited from working at a local pharmacy as part of my experience placement. I found that time spent there as very invaluable. I really loved the insight of working as a pharmacist and I also appreciate the overall effort that is being put into running such an establishment.

I was able to help out with some tasks, including distinguishing some branded and generic drugs. I was really pleased with that opportunity that I decided to really prepare for it and have it as a career in the future. I believe that with the proper education and training, I will be able to become successful in this field and contribute to the society later on.

Dos and Don’ts of a Pharmacy Personal Statement Writing


  • Start early, ideally one month before the last date of submission. So you can complete all the stages of writing easily and carefully.
  • Keep the audience in your mind.
  • Use proper tone, punctuation, and grammar. Correct use of English language is crucial and essential.
  • Make sure that essay has the correct structure. Organize your thoughts in an interesting way so that it can grab the attention of the reader and keep them interesting till the end.
  • Show your personality to readers – insincerity can be detected easily.
  • Ensure you proofread it more than once. Focus both on structure and content during reading. Remove punctuation and spelling mistakes as well.
  • Write your future goals. Ensure that they match with the rest of application.


  • Repetitions make your statement boring and weak. So do not repeat the same idea many times.
  • Ideally, word count should be 1,000. So do not exceed the limit.
  • Do not include the discussion that is tangential.
  • Do not copy personal statement for pharmacy school examples you will find online.
  • Do not use redundancies and fillers. If you require longer statement write more meaningful content.
  • Do not be in hurry.
  • Do not mention your achievements that are not related to the post you are going to apply.
  • Do not write your controversial topics and opinions.
  • Do not make an essay too emotional and personal.
  • Do not make any excuse.
  • Do not underestimate your profession.

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