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The Purpose of Writing PhD Personal Statement

PhD personal statement is different than other personal statements. The purpose of PhD personal statement is to show your research interests. You have to tell the research you have done at the master’s level and how you want to proceed it further. You have to mention the subjects, you have studies, which can help you in your research. You can see the research interest of the faculty members of that institution and name those with whom you want to work. For this personal statement, you need plenty of time and you need to make extra efforts too.

Your Personal Statement Should Answer the Following Questions

  • You have to mention that why are you interested in this particular field. The motivational factors, which triggered your interest in this research area. The background knowledge you have and how it can be helpful in further research.
  • The reason to apply to this university? What are the research facilities, curriculum features and other details, which encouraged you to apply here?
  • Mention your strengths, which can make your presence valuable in this university; mention your IT skills, writing skills, distinctions, research techniques and workshops you have attended.
  • It’s important to mention your transferable skills too; give examples of your teamwork, leadership and management skills.
  • How this degree can help you to achieve your career goals? If you don’t have a particular career goal, you can mention your future plans after completing your PhD.

The writing of a personal statement is never easy but the use of a PhD personal statement sample can help you to understand exactly what you need to produce. A sample PhD personal statement will demonstrate to you the format and the structure of your personal statement as well as what you need to cover within it. PhD personal statement examples do however show other people’s experiences and their ambitions, not yours, so you should never try to copy them in any way. A sample personal statement for PhD program extract will allow you to understand the requirements being placed upon you.

Our PhD Personal Statement Sample

After majoring in world literature (literary studies) for my undergraduate, I am now excited to concentrate further on American and English Literature. I am most particularly interested in studying more of the nineteenth-century literature, Anglo-Saxon poetry, women’s literature, folklore as well as folk literature. My personal projects in literary have also involved a combination of these interesting subjects.

For my Master’s degree, I am hoping to examine further the relationship between folk and high literature. My private and university studies on the Anglo-Saxon language, as well as literature, have pushed me to consider where the divisions on these different types actually lie. If given the opportunity to attend your prestigious University, I am interested in resuming my studies focusing on Anglo-Saxon poetry, particularly focusing on the folk aspect.

Another part of my professional goal is writing poetry. I just recently started submitting smaller journals and am currently working on the creation of manuscript for a certain collection. The theme of such collection depends on poems which hail from biblical, classical, and of course, folk traditions. Most of what I have read and studied is also visible in my creative works. Also, I am focusing on the art of literature, experimenting with different tools which were used by authors in the past.

When talking about career options, I often see myself as a teacher of literature, perhaps writing criticism, as well as entering the field of editing and publishing poetry. I believe that doctoral studies are valuable to me in different ways. For one, your program would offer me the best practical experience for teaching. Also, it can improve my skills even further, especially in being creative and critical while working the language. A PhD for me is a stepping stone to better opportunities in this field in the future.

This extract of a doctoral personal statement sample can be used to observe how others have approached writing their personal statement; you need to reflect your personal experiences and your specific research goals.

Top 10 Guidelines to Follow for a Winning PhD Personal Statement

A sample PhD personal statement can help you to write your personal statement. Here are our guidelines which you can follow to write your own personal statement:

  • First of all, shortlist your options. A number of universities offer PhD. Degree but you have to choose those, which suits your research and have research facilities for your field of research.
  • Give yourself time for preparation. You cannot write personal statement like any other document. It needs proper homework. PhD personal statement examples can help you.
  • Visit the website and research about that particular program. Know about the research direction and research interests of faculty members.
  • You have to be very specific. You have limited number of words when you write personal statement for PhD program. Don’t waste them in writing useless information.
  • Don’t write typical sentences, rather narrate your participation in various activities like workshops and conferences and what you have learnt from them, with particular reference to your PhD.
  • Instead of preparing the grounds for long, mention your interest quite in the beginning. It’s important to engage your reader and bound him to read your complete personal statement.
  • Write customized personal statement for every institution you are applying to. Mention your interest in that institution according to the strengths of that place. Writing the same doctoral personal statement for every institution is not a good idea.
  • Don’t write the same information, which is mentioned in your CV. But if there is a red mark on your CV, like a low grade, you can explain the reasons for that here.
  • Edit your personal statement many times. You may need to remove few unnecessary sentences, change the sentence order and correct the spelling mistakes.
  • Ask a friend for help in proofreading. A third person can point out the mistakes in a better way.


Is It Hard to Write Doctoral Personal Statement Sample on Your Own?

Yes, it’s a hard job to write your personal statement on your own. A lot of technical issues are involved when you are writing it for PhD. You have to mention your research history, your participation in different activities and your personality characteristics, in very comprehensive way. Students write them in so many words, which are boring for the admission committee. Only professionals have the right writing skills to meet such challenging tasks.

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