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Personal statement is a written description of the interests, skills, and achievements. It is a picture who provides a snapshot of your personality. It is usually the part of admission application. It is being written to sell yourself and show your personality to the director beyond your character. We help you in this regard. You can see the diversity statement academic job sample at our website.

Professionally Written Diversity Statement Sample

To write the personal statement is really a tricky task since it is not the common document. But it is the most important one. So it is good to have professionally written personal statement as professionals know language, structure, content, and tone of the statement. Professionals know the length and how to consider the audience carefully.

sample diversity statement for employment help

How to Write How to Write a Diversity Statement for Faculty Application?

Write it in an enthusiastic, natural, and concise style. It should not be very complex. If you want to write personal statement by yourself then you should include the following things:

  • Your introduction: Start with your introduction. Explain who are you? Write some of your experiences.
  • Explain your abilities: Write your abilities and skills that you can offer. Explain what you can offer to them.
  • Your career goals: Explain your career goals and your aims.
  • Check the length: Check the length of the statement. It should not be more than 47 lines or 500 words.
  • Revise it: After writing, make sure to revise it at least twice.

Tips to Write a Strong Diversity Statement for Faculty Application

Here are some useful tips for statement writing:

  • Find the perfect expressions and words: You should write the perfect words and use perfect expressions. It will sound much better, elegant and professional.
  • Focus on your strengths: Concentrate on all your strengths. You have to write your knowledge, experiences and your future plans along with your abilities.
  • Write the perfect opening sentence: The opening sentence should be perfect. Start with interesting, surprising or some unusual sentence to have a good first impression.
  • Show your critical thinking: While writing you should show that you are a critical thinker as university is all about analytical and independent thinking.
  • Be honest: You should be honest in your writing. Do not write the qualities you don’t have. There is no need to portrait your false image.
  • Be positive: During your writing you must have to be positive. Don’t write anything negative about yourself.
  • Be concise: Personal statement shouldn’t be very lengthy. It should be less than 500 words or 4000 characters.
  • Short sentences: Always write short sentences. Your sentence should not be more than 30 words.
  • Revise it: When you are done, revise it for sure. Revise it carefully so that you can catch any mistake.
  • Proofreading: You should show it to different people for the proofreading, so that you will get more feedback and will have the better final version.

Diversity Statement Sample Faculty Application

Looking at our sample diversity statement will give you an idea of how a diversity statement writing service can write a statement out for you. Below is a sample diversity statement for faculty application that you can look at to see why our service can give you a diversity statement that will really get you accepted in any school you would apply to. Whether you want a Stanford diversity statement, a Harvard diversity statement, or even a short college personal statement, we’ve got you covered.

Sample diversity statement for employment:

I am Robyn Nachtrisen, a German-born woman who recently migrated to the United States to pursue my dreams of becoming an educator in your country. I have traveled far and long, and I would like to take this time to explore my opportunity with your institution.

Back in Germany, I grew up knowing that I should use the knowledge I have gained by sharing it with others. I have serious aspirations to become a teacher at a very young age so when I completed my secondary education, I pursued a degree in Education at the University of Frankfurt, with a major in Secondary Education Mathematics. This was the beginning of my journey to becoming a teacher in my country.

After working for 5 years in a school in my hometown, I was able to grab the opportunity to emigrate in the United States after marrying my husband who holds relevant residence status in this country. I was adamant about leaving my job in Germany at first, but I believe that this progression to move to another country is just another addition to my colorful life as an educator.

As far as my skills are concerned, I am a licensed teacher in Germany, and based on my latest records, I am eligible for employment here in the United States. My students in Germany always held the highest grades in the region, and I give due credit to myself as their teacher because of it. Should you consider my application, you will not regret hiring me because of my noted skills as a math teacher. Aside from math, I also have notable and relevant experience as an advisor for Biology. All in all, my entire career is a testament not just only to my skill, but also to my versatility as an educator.

How Our Sample Can Help You Out

Writing a good diversity statement for faculty application helps to make the difference in your admission process. Writing a good diversity statement is not as easy as it might seem. Hence it becomes necessary to get professional help or use a diversity statement faculty application example to stand out from the crowd. Reasons to use our diversity statement sample:

  • Perfect writing guide. There’s a thin line between what helps you succeed or fail with writing a diversity statement. Our sample diversity statement was carefully thought of and put together to ensure they offer top-rated diversity statement faculty application example can serve as an expert guide.
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  • Speedy delivery. Since using our sample increase the quality and eliminates errors it naturally leads to speedy delivery of your work. It can help eliminate the waste of time for preparation of diversity statement for submission.

As much as you did want to write using our diversity statement faculty application example to get an exceptional letter we would, however, state that it is better to ask pros to help to help guarantee the best and wade-off errors taking chances with your admission process.

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