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The personal statement for college gives an insight of your personality to the college admission committee. It may be used interchangeably with coalition or common application essay. If you stand at borderline among other candidates, it could push you over the top.

Most of the students feel stress to write it. They find it extremely difficult to identify the theme and to prepare a paper.

Is It Hard to Write College Admission Personal Statement on Your Own?

It is hard to write it by yourself. You may face difficulties while writing personal statement for college application because it is not like essay writing. It is actually tedious type of writing that cannot be written by everyone. If you want to write a winning college personal statement, then you should follow these guidelines:

  • Brainstorm ideas: If you start to write early enough then you will have time to consider the different idea and to contemplate them as well as to reject the unnecessary things.
  • Select something original and appealing to write about: Try to avoid writing about typical experiences. It is not necessary to write something extraordinary but write the things in an unpredictable way.
  • Discuss your ideas: Before you start your start to write, you should share your ideas with others. They will help you to find whether it is interesting or not.
  • Grab the attention of the reader: You will never catch the attention of the reader if your introduction is boring. Try to grab the attention from the start and try to maintain it till the end.
  • Stick to a point: Don’t waste your time in distractions. You should work towards your ultimate message in each line.
  • Include some anecdotes: You should include your anecdotes but make sure to keep them as short as possible.
  • Change your language: Try to mix your verbs, adjectives, and sentence types. It will make a difference when your application is being read by the admission officer.
  • Write the challenges you have faced: Don’t forget to write about the problems that have helped you, they prove to be a huge asset.
  • List your achievements: Make a list of all of your achievements. Write about your extra-curricular activities, bit of work experience that you have done.
  • Be yourself: Be honest and be yourself during your writing. Statement that is fake or written as hyperbolic will leave a bad impression.

A sample personal statement for college is a great tool to use to aid you in understanding what is expected of you with regards to your personal statement. Your personal statement is probably the most important part of your application as it is your only opportunity to sell yourself and inform the selections committee why you should be accepted over all those other applicants. Looking at an example of a personal statement for graduate school will let you see exactly how someone else has approached this; just remember however that an example of personal statement for college will reflect someone else’s experiences and goals and not you own. This college personal statement sample extract will give you some idea of what it is that we can provide for you as well as giving you some ideas as to how to write your own personal statement.

Our Sample Personal Statement for College

My family has taught me that happiness comes from hard work and dedication, regardless of social status. My grandparents didn’t even know about college. They were laborers in the Philippines, and worked for years to put together the money for my parents to immigrate to the United States to free their family from the endless cycle of poverty. My father worked two jobs as a janitor and my mother put in twelve hours a day in a massage parlor to put food on the table for my brother and me. Although it is confusing to many people, I consider myself one of the most privileged children in the world because of all the sacrifices made to get me to where I am.

Since I was a child, I have understood that I had been given a very great blessing to have the opportunities that I do. I maintained a 4.0 throughout high school simply because I knew how hard my parents were working so that I could focus on studying. I knew that had they remained in the Philippines, I would not even know how to read or write. That realization drove me not only to pursue my studies even further but to also start a financial literacy program at my school to educate students about responsible spending so that they could save for higher education.

I will be the first in my family to pursue higher education, but I will not be the last. My parents have spent their youth planning for me to do greater things; I will not let them down. Even so, I know that around the world there are parents that work equally as hard for chances far lesser than the one given me. After graduation, I want to start nonprofit connecting families with opportunities for economic movement. A better life should not only be for a privileged few. My college education will help me work towards bettering the lives of millions worldwide.

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