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professional personal statement undergraduate

Professionally written personal statement undergraduate is important because competition at this stage is very tough. You may have to compete with the students who have similar academic grades as yours, but personal statement can make all the difference. A well written personal statement is used to judge the writing skills of the students. At this stage of their academic career, students are not competent enough to write their own personal statement. So, hiring professionals can bring good results for them.

Difficulties in Writing Personal Statement Undergraduate

Reading undergraduate personal statement examples can actually help you to write your own statement. But even then, students face some problems, which we are discussing here:

  • How to start the personal statement
  • How to end a personal statement
  • The formatting details
  • How much personal information they can add
  • What should be the writing style
  • How long it should be

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Top 5 Main Steps on Writing a Personal Statement

If you see a personal statement undergraduate sample, you will notice that writers try to grab the attention of the reader right from the beginning. If you want to write an attention-grabbing personal statement undergraduate, you can follow these steps:

  • Prepare a draft first. Write your achievements and activities in the school, which provide proof that you were an active student in the previous institution.
  • Read a few personal statement examples undergraduate to get an idea about the writing style.
  • Start writing with confidence and its better that you narrate a story, which expresses your love for the studies and this institution.
  • Carefully describe important points, it’s not necessary to mention everything here.
  • Close on a powerful note. It should leave a strong message that you are the right candidate for admission.

Using a sample personal statement undergraduate is more often than not a very sensible way to begin to understand what will be expected of you. Undergraduate personal statement examples let you see exactly how other successful students have approached their writing and what they have included. A personal statement undergraduate sample, however, reflects another person’s experiences and dreams for the future so you should be careful in how you apply what you learn. Our undergraduate personal statement sample extract will give you an opportunity to see and reflect on how your personal statement needs to be written.

Our Sample Personal Statement Undergraduate

It was while I was immersing in the linguistically diverse and interesting culture of South Africa that my interest in studying Linguistics was confirmed. It was a country composed of eleven national languages. I was able to understand the theories of Krashen regarding the acquisition of the second language in practice, met people who are often viewed “uneducated”, and finally learn about the secret of the “clicking” sounds of the Xhosa. All of my experiences there fueled my desire even furthermore deeply into the field of communication and language.

Having lived in the same city all my life, I have found Mr. Peter Trudgill’s research into the very dialect of my own city particularly interesting. Reading all of these has encouraged my interest in the different variations of phonological aspects of the dialects in the United Kingdom. While I was looking into his work, I have discouraged several other issues regarding dialect leveling, and have found certain factors fascinating, whether it is technological, geographic or economic, causing all of these variations.

One particular feature that I really loved studying is gender and language. The distinction between the language between genders is just something that has unconsciously identified in my everyday conversation. Since I have particularly been interested in this, I am looking forward particularly to studying linguistics at a degree level.

For several years, I have participated in various public speaking competitions and loved every opportunity of being able to pay attention to and analyze all of those speeches from the other teams. During a recent competition, I was given the award of being the Best Speaker, with which I firmly believe that it was my interest in the English language that became a huge factor to such success. At this point, I believe that a degree in this field will allow me to study an integral part of our society.

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Tips for Personal Statement Undergraduate Writing

When you write your undergraduate personal statement, these few tips can help you:

  • This document is called a personal statement, but you don’t have to be really personal. You have to talk about your personality traits and abilities, but it’s better not to mention very personal things.
  • Your academic qualifications are mentioned in your CV. Avoid the repetition of those details which are mentioned in your CV. However, if there is a thing, which needs to be explained to can discuss it in your personal statement.
  • You should mention in your personal statement about your interest in this particular institution. Admission committee will be interested to know that why you want to join their institution. For that, visit the website of the college and find the strengths of the place, which you can mention in your personal statement.
  • Mention those qualities which can bring something good to this institution. Admission committee wants to have those students who can actually add value to their college. Mentioning your leadership skills and volunteering work can help.

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